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Google AdWords

The Google Ads service, we provide you accessiblity directly to those who are interested in the products and services your company provides. With Google Ads service, users are given an advertising service that reaches their destination by taking into consideration their interests, locations, search behavior and many factors. Thus, the products and services you provide as a company can reach your customers easily and quickly. Beyond this, your company's ranking, accessibility and search engine searches increase your ranking. Even if you are already a company known on the internet, your ads are charged only when you are contacted to attract new customers. In this way, you can convert the cost of advertising you have made.

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Web Design

Now people visit their website to get information about a particular company. Your website is your face to the world. Being aware of this, Argeart designs and manages your web site to provide you with reliable, anti-virus, company-friendly and user-friendly designs...

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Online Reputation Management

Today everything is shared on the internet. Have you ever been attacked by negative or incorrect information on the internet? The attacks can be wrong, incomplete, and unfounded. However, this information, which is shared on the internet damages you, your company, your brand and your prestige. As Argeart, we prevent spreading negative informations about your personality or your brand on internet like viruses.

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Address Optimization

People are now using smartphones and navigation devices, so they want to find the address and company names they want to find directly from these applications. For this reason, as Argeart, we help your customers to find you more easily. If you want your customers to find you easily from any device (mobile phone, tablet, computer and navigation), to be accessible and to increase your visibility, take your place on all maps ...

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Mobile Application

Nowadays, many different technologies have been developed that enable people to access all kinds of information. Most of these technologies come from smartphones and tablets. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets into our daily lives, the vast majority of internet usage has been realized by these devices. Therefore, it has become necessary to work with these devices to reach the right audience. At this point, as Argeart, we are developing mobile applications on your behalf to make it easier for your company to reach its customers ...

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Your company may be known in the industry for a long time. However, in the digital age we live, people access you via internet, smart phones, tablets and computers. For this reason, the companies that stand out on digital platforms are becoming more known and accessible by those who receive services. Therefore, your company should be easily accessible on the Internet by your customers. This means that having your website is not enough for your company.

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Argeart Production

As Argeart, we will introduce you in the sense of your company to your customers and stand behind every effort that will eventually turn into profit for you. Argeart Production, which was created in line with the needs and demands of the companies we work with, has already successfully completed many promotional films, product demonstration films, drone shooting and advertising photographs of many companies. Argeart Production team, which is formed in accordance with the requests of the companies we work with, consists of the editing and installation team, scenario and text writers.

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Creative Design

Creativity is the point where brands differ from competitors in digital environment. Social media videos are as important as ad videos in the sense of display professionality of companies. Thus, either in the light of necessity of production or not, working cooperately with experts for your video campaigns help you to be realized by target audience faster. In accordance with brands strategic messages, we design authentic videos and gifs. In addition, catalog, corporate identity and logo design as your brand's visual communication, all the design processes are undertaken in a creative way by Argeart.

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Social Media Management

Brands live in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Linked. We help brands to display their organizational structure, understanding World and corporative language also to build strategies aiming sales. As Argeart, we create content weekly and provide to reach your target audience. Integrating your social media accounts against the ever-changing social media school and rules, we ensure that brand belonging improve in digital World.